$150 Mystery Bundle
$150 Mystery Bundle
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$150 Mystery Bundle

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Mystery Bundle's are here! Made up of items from previous seasons, let us give you a fun surprise while you get to save big on high quality Boka items!

-Receive up to $300 worth of product - that's up to 50% OFF!

-Bundle will include 8 items (only one item MAY be an accessory)

-Brands range from Jax and Lennon, Mebie Baby, Tiny Button Apparel, Portage and Main, Lou and Bear, and more!

-Items included will be a complete surprise & unfortunately we cannot accommodate specific requests

-Choose from unisex, boy, or girl bundles & sizing from 0-6M up to 6/7+ (6/7+ may include sizing from 6Y up to 8/9Y)

-In the 0-6M, 12-24M, and 6/7+ bundles you may receive multiple sizes on certain brands {ex/ you may get 12-18M and 18-24M items in the 12-24M bundle)

-If you order more than one, we will do our best to not give duplicate items

All sales final