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Everday Swimsuit
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Everday Swimsuit

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Our Swimmies are styled after a more euro-fit. Meaning, the length of the shorts will land anywhere between a little above the knee to mid-thigh-ish (depending on the length of the child). It is designed this way--its our style!

Our sizes are true-to-size based on the child's age. What this means is the average sized kid--about 50% on the growth charts--is used as the barometer for waist sizing. If you have a child who's age fits evenly between the ranges, or you know is larger than average, it might be best to size up rather than to size down. The Swimmie will land above the knee and potentially up to mid-thigh depending on the individuals height.

Child Waistband Sizing:
6 months - 12 months - 41cm   Waistband
12 months - 18 months - 43cm   Waistband
18 months - 24 months - 45cm   Waistband
2 years - 3 years - 47cm   Waistband
4 years - 5 years - 49cm   Waistband
6 years - 7 years - 51cm Waistband

*Measurements are of a relaxed circumference.