“Sea" You On Top Floaties- Green Palms
“Sea" You On Top Floaties- Green Palms
“Sea" You On Top Floaties- Green Palms
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“Sea" You On Top Floaties- Green Palms

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Stylish and functional - these floaties have it all! Made from an ultra durable fabric designed to withstand the elements, these swimming aids provide the most stable and comfortable float around!

Available in many unique prints, perfectly designed to coordinate with our full range of swimwear.  They also offer; 

    • Double safety buckles to ensure a better fit and less vest movement. 
    • Wrap around vest design eliminates rub points, ensures a more stable float and keeps the straps off of the skin.
    • Elongated inner seams allow for less rub points and better connection points improving overall durability.
    • Neoprene vest construction for all day comfort. 
    • Expanded weight coverage due to increase inner material and wider vest construction (22lbs - 66lbs) perfect for ages 2 to 6.

Please ensure to dry floaties in the shade and spot clean as needed.